-Fibre 26g X 3 PCS

 Lasts 90 - 135 Applications (depending on the application area)

-W-disinfection bag X 4 PCS

Original - $1,125 HKD
NOW - $908 HKD*

Fibre Promotion Pack 3X (26g) + W Disinfection Bag 4X

HK$1,125.00 Regular Price
HK$908.00Sale Price
  • HairSecret 360 (3X Fibre 26g)

    -The sizes are within the legal limits to carry them handy on aircraft, ensuring convenience to your needs. GUARANTEED PRODUCT OF BEST QUALITY! 

    W Disinfection Bag (4X one color each)

    - Double Disinfection Techniques: Nano-Photocatalyst (Titanium Dioxide) and Copper Plate