W-disinfection bag is a collection of portable storage bags that helps you disinfect your masks and other personal items while fighting against the Coronavirus and other potential infections. Whenever you need to take your masks off, W-disinfection bags can help you store and disinfect it.


W Disinfection Bag (Black)-Double Disinfection Tech (Nano-Photocatalyst & Copper

Mask Bag Color
  • - Double Disinfection Techniques: Nano-Photocatalyst (Titanium Dioxide) and Copper Plate  
    - Antimicrobial: deactivate bacteria, algae  and viruses up to 99%
    - Deodorizing
    - Convenient storage anytime e.g. during meals, exercise
    - Fits various sizes of mask
    - Non-toxic: harmless to human and animal
    - Multiple functional:  can also disinfect  personal items e.g. mobile phone
    - Size: 13 X 15 cm