1. What is HairSecret 360 made of?

100% made of hair-like rayon cotton fibres. They are charged with a precise level of electrostatic energy, forming the maximum magnetic attraction to your thinnest hair.

2. Is HairSecret 360 safe?

Yes, HairSecret 360 does not harm the scalp or damage the hair. With quality testing passed by SGS, HairSecret 360 is safe for all hair types and ages, even coloured hair.

3. Can HairSecret 360 be used with any hair spray?

Yes, all types of hairspray can be used with HairSecret 360.

4. Can I exercise or sweat when I have applied HairSecret 360?

Yes, Hair Secret 360 is sweat resistanat, it will not smear or run.

5. Will HairSecret 360 irritate my scalp?

No, herbage gossypium is a form of cotton fiber; harmless to your scalp.

6. Will HairSecret 360 affect hair growth?

No, HairSecret 360 will not block any hair pores as the hair-like fibers are cut up to 0.5mm - 3 to 6 times larger than human pores, furthermore, the fibers cling to other hair strands instead of covering your scalp.

7. Will HairSecret 360 be harmfull if I breathed it in?

If you breathed the fibers in, foreign matter larger than 0.01mm is blocked by nasal mucosa and nasal hair. HairSecret 360 fibre are up to 0.5mm in size. In the rare case of the fibers inhaled and not blocked by nasal mucosa, the fibers turn into sputum on wet nasal hair, discharging out of the mouth.

8. Can HairSecret 360 be used along with hair transplant or hair growth products?


9. Will HairSecret 360 cling on to my clothes?

Just dust it off with your hands and watch it disappear.

10. How long does it last?

HairSecret 360 will last until washed off with shampoo.

11. Where is HairSecret 360 manufactured?

HairSecret 360 is manufactured in Hong Kong under GMP qualifications standard factory. The quality is certified by SGS.

12. Can I run my hands through my hair?

Feel free! Wherever you have applied the fibres, they settle evenly throughout your hair.

13. Can I sleep with HairSecret 360 applied on my hair?

Yes. You may find a few fibres on your pillow the next morning. Just dust these off with your hands.

14. Can I apply it by myself?

Yes, HairSecret 360 is easy to apply. All you need is a mirror & your hands!

​15. How many times can I use one pack of HairSecret 360?

It depends on the quantity you use, on average 26g of product can be used approximately 30 - 45 times.

16. Does HairSecret 360 clog the drain?

No, HairSecret 360 fibre are up to 0.5mm long; too small to clog the drain.

17. Is HairSecret 360 suitable for both men & women?

Yes. We have different colours for men & women to choose. We recommend you to use a colour that is slightly darker than your hair.

18. Will HairSecret 360 spread everywhere when I apply it?

Indoor airstreams may cause such situations. Therefore tapping the canister carefully is a better way to apply HairSecret 360 without dirtying surroundings.

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