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HairSecret 360’s rayon fibres makes your thin hair look full and natural. The rayon fibres may not work on anyone with hair shorter than 2cm or completely bald.​

Oily Hair: If your hair is not shampooed or contains severe hair oil secretion, HairSecret 360 fibres will absorb hair oil and form spots during usage. Please clean out the excess hair oil before application. HairSecret 360 is best applied when hair is dried completely.

  • The most effective use of the HairSecret 360 hair fibre is to gently tap the canister against the scalp.

  • HairSecret 360’s hair fibres are made with natural rayon fibres, therefore if accidentally ingested or breathed in, just rinse out the remaining fibres ingested, it is perfectly safe.

  • To wash off hair building fibres, just apply shampoo and conditioner accordingly, HairSecret 360’s hair fibres are easily washed off with the use of shampoo.

  • The HairSecret 360 hair spray is used to hold the hair fibres in place. It is not essential but recommended for optimal use.

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